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Studio Work


Jim's Studio

Equipped with professional digital recording equipment, computers and other electronic gadgetry, Jim's three-room studio has turned out some fantastic productions.

Sound-proofing, sound- (and bullet) proof windows, and rooms wired with electronics throughout, all contribute to Jim's skills in producing crystal-clear recordings.

In addition to his playing, recording and engineering work, Jim's studio is also home to his guitar classes where his students learn from a true pro.

Jim at the board.IMG_8264a.jpg


Jim and Jack discuss  resonistics.IMG_8314a.jpg

Captain Mike.


Mike makes a little joke 

about the  screen.


Jim monitors Captain Mike's Mic.


Fred warms up in

booth #2.


As Mike looks on, Jim comments on some adjustments. 


Jim records Mike's

flute track for a new song.




Mike and Fred go over a potential top 10 hit.


Jack, Mike and Jim in the

control booth.


Jack and Jim buddy up

at the end of a long session.




Jim's Productions






"Jim Perrini and friends"

"Dedicated to all my family, and friends everywhere."



"Cheap Guitars" -Jim Perrini

"...you are the most amazing talent I've ever known and the most honest, tasteful player that I've ever heard" -Michelle V

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"My Reign" - Michelle Vecchione

"Jazzy soulful mistress of the night. Michelle's sweet, yet raspy at times; vocals remind one of the old great Blues singers. Clever lyrics come in tastefully... while Michelle will come in and get as soulful as the bottom of a Jackie D. bottle. Screaming the Blues, this is classic Chicago style! Rip me a new Soul!!" -Quote from MusicTV.com 2004

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"Lemon Isis" - Lemon Isis

"Lemon Isis" is an eclectic Acoustic Quartet. Their unique, collaborative songwriting have created a positive buzz in the NY/Metro area. "This CD is reflective of the poignancy we feel and the humor we find in life."

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"Table Songs" - The Flamethrowers Blues Band

Why "Table Songs"? Because the lyrics were all written at various kitchen tables in New Orleans, Paterson, NJ and other exotic places.

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