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The Peach Project

Everything Allman!

Metalhaven's Instrumental Observer

review of Jim's "Cheap Guitars"


Girls Rock & Girls Rule

An excerpt from Stephen Bailey's Cultural Exchange Advocate:

"This was the first time in a long time for me seeing Michelle Vecchione with a band. This night in particular she was playing with a fantastic ensemble that I kept referring to as 'elder statesmen of rock and blues'. Backing up the passion of Michelle's voice were Jim Perrini on guitar, Sandy 'The Sandman' Winnerman on bass and Greg Bal on drums. They were solid as hell and, being a guitarist of sorts myself, I was most impressed with Perrini's smooth finger-style magic."

The Blues Hall of Fame Website

(It is very content intensive-please be patient while it loads.)

The Website of Ray Longchamp:




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