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Lemon Isis - Lemon Isis


"Lemon Isis" is an eclectic Acoustic Quartet. Their unique, collaborative songwriting have created a positive buzz in the NY/Metro area. "This CD is reflective of the poignancy we feel and the humor we find in life."

Laura Gardner fronts the group. With rich vocals and smooth interpretations, she is able to portray a variety of songs with natural ease. In 1998 she teamed up with Jim Perrini. Jim, a recording artist, producer and songwriter, sings and plays lead guitars. In 1999 they became a trio when Sandy Bandes joined them. Sandy, a gifted composer who has written for films and musical theatre, sings and plays guitar. Don Gardner made it a quartet when he brought his drums and percussion to the table. Don played for over 20 years and worked with a variety of internationally known artists. Sadly, Don died in 2010. Rest in peace Don.


Lemon Isis :

Sandy Bandes - vocals, guitar

Laura Gardner - vocals

Jim Perrini - vocals, lead guitars, bass

Don Gardner - percussion

Produced by Jim Perrini with Don Gardner

Recorded by Jim Perrini at J&M Studios, Ringwood NJ 07456

Mastered by Rave Tesar, Studio X, Ridgewood NJ 07450

Artwork and design by Laura Gardner


Click a song title for an intro mp3...


Don't Forget

Food Song



Mac and Me

My Best Friend is a Guy

Ragtime Blues

Walk (Don't walk)


Your Turn to Cry